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Ceriotti, an Italian story like many others, where dedication, curiosity, commitment, risk, and effort create a shared set of values, expectations, and satisfactions. A story rooted in the family environment, in the post-war period, where the imperative was "to do", to the present where what matters is "how to do", acting in an increasingly competitive, globalized, and challenging market. Growing up, you understand that quality pays off, that seriousness pays off, even though nothing is guaranteed or immediate, That relationships with people are fundamental, that you can dream without creating false illusions, and that accepting a defeat is the best way to start again, always raising the bar a little higher.It’s important to understand that a lean crew is not a limitation, but can make navigation faster, decisions more immediate, and problems solved simply by sitting around a table, eliminating dead time and inconclusive discussions. We continue to be this way simply because we know no other way, and with a bit of poorly concealed pride, we think that our story, in the end, has proven us right, thanks to everyone who has shared it.


Understanding what is behind every single product is not easy, how much work, research, and commitment it took to create it. The end user buys it simply because they like it and believe it is valid. The trust in our brand, acquired over time, is the result of deep knowledge of production processes and constant attention to everything that is innovation to always remain at the highest quality levels in our sector. Technology helps us live better, waste less energy, and achieve ever better results. And this is precisely what a Ceriotti product transmits to those who use it daily year after year, making it a reliable and indispensable partner even without knowing exactly what is behind it.


Most of the time, it starts with a pencil and a sheet of paper, usually A4 size, and with simple strokes, an idea begins to take shape. Behind this simple gesture, however, lies a set of knowledge ranging from the production processes necessary for its realization, the multifaceted language of forms, the emotional and characterizing aspect, the functionality and ergonomics of the product itself, with an eye on marketing dictates. Then there is creativity, which without all this is of little use, but creativity, unbeknownst to itself, is nothing but the soul, the catalyst of the whole process.Ceriotti has always believed and invested in the added value of design, without following momentary fashions, trying to define a style that could give identity not only to its product but to the brand itself, recognized worldwide as a direct expression of Italian excellence.



The barber chair par excellence and quality